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Building Summary

  • Contemporary reception
  • Spectacular atrium
  • 3 x 9 person passenger lifts
  • New cycle storage with 54 cycle spaces
  • 9 bike racks and 9 lockers
  • Open floor plates
  • Four pipe fan coil air-conditioning
  • New LED lighting
  • Download full specification
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Tate hindle

A natural partnership

Tate & Hindle where appointed to undertake the refurbishment at 101 Saint Martins.

The award-winning architecture and design practice based in London, works with high profile clients and have completed many interesting and challenging projects across a variety of sectors.

Their portfolio includes innovative new builds and the sensitive restoration of listed buildings. They have designed space at 101 Saint Martins that provides a space that inspires people to work, learn and create.

Patricia de isidoro


Patricia’s art-making practice is based on an exploration of material density to create evocative images of intimate emotions and to represent poetic minuscule or infinite worlds.

Fascinated about the inherent qualities of materials, she experiments with the reactions that occur when disparate mediums are merged together with various media techniques. The unpredictable outcome captures a spontaneous transformation act that is generated under a delicate balance between a controlled gesture or geometry and an organic and fluid expression.

The artwork at 101 Saint Martins is an expression of modernity using a complex procedure that amplifies the experience of light within the entrance of the building. Using the natural properties of reflection and refraction the light dances off of the walls to provide an attention seeking yet welcoming enhancement to the reception.